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Benefits of Joining a Christian Discipleship Program

As a Christian, learning about God’s teachings helps us grow our faith and learn more on how to become a devoted and righteous follower. Learning about the bible on your own may hinder you from understanding the deeper meaning of the teaching therefore there is need to join Christian discipleship programs in your church. These programs consist of few people who come together for bible teachings. Considering the busy schedules of the congregants, today churches offers both on site and online discipleship programs for convenience purposes. Joining the discipleship program at the called higher for a one or one session or as a group will benefit you a lot as this article explains.

Christian discipleship programs help in learning and understanding the gospel. Together, disciples go through the gospel learning process as a team and contribution of each member gives a new revelation. During the sessions, one is at free will to ask as many questions as possible and together they discuss and refer to the bible for answers. Also, new disciples who have very little knowledge of the gospel are guided step by step about God’s teachings and the kind of life they are expected to live as true Christians. Therefore, Christian discipleship programs helps congregants learn and understand the gospel of Christ. Christian discipleship programs helps in creating new relationships. Members come together in small groups during discipleship programs and get to know each other. They create new relationships and they become good friends. The bond also helps them grow together spiritually, financially, mentally and socially. The strong and founded bond in Christ becomes an inspiration to other discipleship groups, and they are able to mentor and guide them. Therefore, joining a Christian discipleship programs is a great way of gaining new friends who have strong faith in the gospel of Christ. Get more details about christianity here.

As a disciple, you become accountable and disciplined. You will note that accountability is required once you join a Christian discipleship programs. This is because you are required to attend sessions and must be committed and help others grow their faith. You become accountable to your fellow disciples and it is always advisable to always be there when they need you for assistance. Becoming accountable helps you become a better person at your work place and at home. Also, joining a Christian discipleship programs helps you to become a disciplined person as you learn how to keep time and follow schedule. Therefore, joining the program is beneficial as you will become accountable and disciplined traits that are very important in our day-to-day life. It is also beneficial to join the Christian discipleship programs as one becomes compassionate and is able to give back to the society. Most of the programs not only sit down to learn about the gospel but also help the needy in the society. As the gospel teaches us to become our brother’s keepers, you as a group should commit fully into helping the needy in the society. Therefore, joining a discipleship program will help you fulfil God’s teaching on love and compassion.

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